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Brand Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall Cigarettes

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When compared to other ultra light cigarettes on the market, Pall Mall Special One stand out due to their impeccable level of elegance and intuition. The intricate nature of these intense, yet discreet and almost airy cigarettes lies in the fundamental concept that has been used in the initial production and in the recipe: a complex, contemporary combination of naturally dried tobacco leaves, which ultimately leads to what we call today The One: a perfect balance of simplicity and refinement.

The price of Pall Mall Special One is extremely cheap, and this stands for both the online environment and local shops. You have the opportunity to buy more for less and to make sure you’ll never run out of your favorite brand if you decide to take advantage of special offers that are available on the internet. The sooner you order, the sooner you get to enjoy the spectacular combination of taste and tar that is embedded in this product.

At the same time, Pall Mall Special One is equally enjoyed by men and women alike: especially in urban areas, this particular cigarette has managed to reinvent the spirit of youth by redesigning the pack of cigarettes. The design is neither simple, nor completely new: it’s rather a combination of already classic elements (such as the emblem and the fonts used, along with the traditional Pall Mall logo) and new lines, which, in this particular case, do make a difference. Enjoy this spectacular brand as soon as you can and you’ll enter the privileged circle of those who know to make the distinction between an exceptional cigarette and a regular product.